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Project Management
Mainly focused on construction projects. Has a general competence in project administration and project management, therefore carrying out project management services in other fields, e.g. the manufacturing industry.

Business Development
Structured method, Logiflow, based on experiences from Lean. Adopted for each customer. Usually carried out in steps: Analysis of present situation, proposal of actions and implementation. Target groups: small- and middle-sized companies

Administrative efficiency improvement
Neglected field both in private and public sector. Great improvements possibilities. Similar methodology as in logistics and production can be transformed to administration.

Staffing services
Qualified personal for hire in logistics, purchasing, records management and project management.

Administration of subsidy applications
There are a wide range of subsidies that can be applied for, e.g. from the EU. The business idea is to support companies with the application process and, if the application is approved, also support with planning, realization, follow up and project reports. In the normal case these services are free of charge, i.e. there are no expenses for the customers. The subsidy provider will pay all expenses.

Sales and purchasing services. E.g. supporting foreign companies with contacts in the Swedish market.

Generation shifts/Business assignments/Winding up of businesses
Guidance, analysis and solutions. From the customers point of view find the most favourable solutions, considering both emotional and economical factors.


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